Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Apr 20 2012

Mr Bodnar is… Pat Agonia

Acquiring a taste for the fresh country air after a late-night channel surf led him to watching Sly’s rock-climbing/crime-fighting opus — Cliffhanger, Patrick never was one for the great indoors. Working as one of Manchester City Council’s park wardens, his techniques are a bit more Yellowstone than Cringle Fields. Whether it’s spending two-weeks up a tree cradling sick pigeons in his Patagonia vest, silently creeping up to summer-time revellers in his Quoddy moccasins before stomping on their disposable BBQ or using his master tracking skills and keen sense of smell to enforce the dog fouling penalty, this jobsworth’s methods may be unorthodox, but we’ll be damned if he doesn’t get results.