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Deck~Out by Eoin MacManus •

Mr Brown is… Reliable Ron

A pillar of the local community, no one’s got a bad word to say about old Ron. He may not have been the most memorable lad at school, but he always was a bloody nice bloke. Spending his days calling in on the elderly and organising coffee mornings, he’s usually up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire by nine. But underneath that winning smile, the sparkling white Spring Courts and the box-fresh Levi’s selvage jeans, some things about him just don’t add up. How come his wife still isn’t back from that holiday? What did he need to borrow that chainsaw for? And what was it he was burying under the patio that time…

  • Y.M.C. Beach Jacket (Cream/ Navy Stripe)
  • Y.M.C. Cotton Linen Jacquard Pullover Shirt (Blue)
  • Levi's Vintage Clothing 1967 505 (Rigid)
  • Universal Works Reverse Sweat (Grey Marl Loopback)
  • Spring Court G2 Low Canvas (White)

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