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Deck~Out by Ray Chan •

Mr Stammers is… The Easter High Priest

Christmas isn’t bad, April Fool’s is good for a laugh and Bonfire Night is okay (if you’re not a hedgehog), but for this chap, nothing quite comes close to Easter. But it’s not the story of Christ reborn that he buzzes off. He’s into the traditional pagan way of doing things — ditching the egg hunt in favour of a Fly-Agaric assisted journey into the mind’s eye, he spends his Easter Sundays crafting stone circles in the garden centre rockery before winding down by setting fire to a wicker statue of the Cadbury’s Parrot.

  • Lacoste Marl Polo (Lilac Marl)
  • Lee 101Z (Own Vintage)
  • Mt. Rainier Design Wind Shed Pocketable Anorak (Purple / Navy)
  • Yuketen Sports Chukka (Peanut Suede)
  • Mt. Rainier Design Pocket Hip Pack (Forest)

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