Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Feb 02 2012

Mr Virgilio is… Yacht Reggae Rocker

A pioneer of his own micro-genre, this guy —nicknamed Steely (& Clevie) Dan — has spent recent years making up for lost time. He wishes the 80s were full up of wining-dining-and-grinding, to the nascent sounds of ‘Lovers Rock’, instead he was stuck on a building site mixing cement (wrong type of grinding). The Yacht Reggae Rocker’s big break came when he thought to fuse the sweet sounds of Sugar ‘The Booga’ Minott (RIP) with that of soft-rock ‘don dadda’, Kenny Loggins. Since then he’s been The Toast of the Coast, the sound-system champion of choice at French Rivera speed-boat regattas. “Champagne haffi buss” as they say on The Island.