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Deck~Out by Eoin MacManus •

Mr Morris as… The Silent Knight

This Silent Knight… Holy Knight… he never, ever speaks. He’s able to, but chooses not to. We reckon he must have a silly voice like Joe Pasquale. Perhaps he’s just shy — he doesn’t like people knowing about his links back to King Arthur’s crew. Because of this, he ditches his traditional chain-mail for something more contemporary, and looks all the better for it. He may not be much of a talker — but get him up on karaoke and you can’t stop him warbling.

  • Folk Chunky Crew Neck (Blue Stripe)
  • Beams Plus Cotton Bomber (Navy)
  • Individualized Shirts Pullover Button Down (Vintage Chambray Oxford Blue)
  • Quoddy Maliseet Oxford (Cognac Suede / Red Sole)
  • Nudie Jeans Co Sharp Bengt (Organic Authentic Crisp)

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