Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Nov 24 2011

Mr Brown as… Harry The Hawker

Times are tough for this former seaman. Having tried his hand at being a butcher, baker (though not a candlestick maker… it’s not the 19th century) he’s taken to selling artefacts collected during his time at sea, or so he claims. These include genuine Jamaican seashells (which bear a strange resemblance to those found in Rhyl), exotic spices from The Orient (which could/may be a Chinese takeaway in Denton) and rare frozen seafood from Iceland (do we even need to say it?). Fortunately for him, his patter is second to none and he’s enjoyed roaring success. In the New Year he’s back off on his travels. Judging by his footwear the Middle East is his destination. No doubt he’s got designs on selling sand to desert tribes. We wouldn’t bet against it.