Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Oct 27 2011

Mr Brown as… Arctic Parka Al

According to the internet; the Ghost Dance was a religious movement widespread among Native American Indians. The dance involved down feathers painted with bright colour; eagle feathers to be precise — a bird sacred to all tribes. Legend has it eagle feathers belonged to the Sun Priest, who planted them in the sun. Other priests could use them if rain was needed, as the down was said to suggest “fleecy clouds that gather on the horizon before rain”. It was also said the Hopi tribe rubbed eagle down feathers over rattlesnakes being collected for Snake Dances, in an effort to soothe and calm the reptiles.

Arctic Parka Al can’t do the Ghost Dance, nor the Snake Dance. He finds dancing in a down jacket can cause dizziness and sweats. Serious overheating. Keeping warm and looking cool — that’s his dance.