Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Aug 10 2011

Mr Trickett as... The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Considering this chap is wearing an amazing piece of knitwear from a brand by the name of Howlin’, it’s no surprise he’s known as the Boy Who Cried Wolf. “Ooh, I’ve turned me ankle”, “Ouch, I think I’ve got an ingrowing toenail”, “This headache is serious, I think I might be dying” are just the kind of moans he habitually subjects his family and friends to. They’ve got wise to him and his whinging about ailments though. They ignore his attention seeking these days. Then one day, the poor chap spent four full hours in a crumpled heap after falling over a micro-machine on the stairs. “I’ve broken my legs. I can see the bone sticking out, HELP ME!” was met with roars of laughter and replies of “Yeah whatever!” from the living room. His own fault of course, or so they said when the ambulance finally turned up.