Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Aug 10 2011

Mr Brown as...The Old Gold Prospector

This guy looks like the gold prospector that arrived 150 years too late. In actual fact he’s a wealthy businessman, having made his money from the dot com boom. His family lineage actually stretches back to the goldrush era so it’s no surprise where his sartorial leanings lie. He’s gone beyond wearing a ‘whistle’ for his business meetings and instead he turns up on his customised segway with a big grizzly beard, loads of smart Double RL clobber and a pocket full of actual gold which he lays out on the table occasionally just to put people in their place. While he might be a bit of a show off nobody can deny he’s got a smart wardrobe.

Note - items of Double RL pictured in this outfit are only available in-store. Ring: +44 (0)161 831 7870