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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr Scott as... The Last Boy Scout

The year: 2050. The look: Last Boy Scout. With Robert Baden-Powell’s boy scout movement having taken a nosedive due to deforestation, raised sea levels and general changes in culture, this guy is the last ever boy scout. He has his own badge, created just for him to recognise this. He’s not putting it on his jacket though, it might ruin it. He is proud of his status and continues to roam what little is left of the outdoors, spreading the ‘Be Prepared’ message and helping old ladies with their shopping.

  • Folk Light Rain Mac (Forest)
  • Folk Armstrong (Tobacco)
  • Howies Vintage Multi Stripe T (Indigo Ink)
  • JanSport Heritage Off Trail Bag TQF5 (Orange)
  • Dockers Alpha Colour Pant (Baybury Burgundy)

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