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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr Brown as…The Cobbler

Our man has already made his fortune. He’s been there, done that, bought the penthouse. But what does a multi-billionnaire do when he’s lived every dream possible? Well, having learned the family shoemaking trade as a teenager he feels it’s time to head back home and give something back. He left on a sour note. “You’ll work here!” demanded his Dad. “Cobblers!” was his retort. But now he’s back to make amends. He brings a sprinking of city-suave with him plus his winning smile and cheque-book combo.

  • Folk Overcoat (Green)
  • Individualized Shirts University Button Down (Heavy Purple Chambray)
  • Barbour Tarras Leather Bag (Dark Brown)
  • Levi's Vintage Clothing 1967 505 (Rigid)
  • Oak Street Bootmakers Vibram Trail Oxford (Cherry)

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