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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr Brown as...The Scall-istocrat

Everyone was a bit of a scallywag once weren’t they? Even you… a bit? This affluent looking gent used to knock about with all sorts of ne’er-do-wells, getting into scraps and scrapes. He’s grown out of the blagging and messing about though, and after putting his hedonistic ways behind him, he’s doing very well these days, thank you very much. The look remains though, albeit grown up. Waterproofs and shoes that weren’t meant for his type affirm his rise from simple scally to the scallystocracy.

  • Nanamica Goretex Hills Coat (Sand)
  • G.R.P. Button Shoulder Knit (Ecru / Red)
  • Yuketen Country Ranger SBR Sole (Tan)
  • Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland Shirt (Blue Oxford)
  • Woolrich Woolen Mills Bella Vista Pant (Navy)

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