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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr Trickett as... The British Umpire

A classic look tells you all you need to know about the mindset of this cricket obsessed young fellow. Although he was once a promising player, he now prefers to bowl people over with his sharp dress sense and keen grasp of the rules. His outfit equips him perfectly for either a stiflingly sunny Sunday or Tuesday teatime teeming with rain, with Universal Works providing ‘the covers’. It’s a classic amalgamation of British looks which in turn gives him his name – The British Umpire.  
  • Universal Works Scout Anorak (Olive)
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Pant (Boating Khaki)
  • Fred Perry Authentic Textured Shirt (Oatmeal)
  • Pointer Crago (Tan)
  • Calabrese Medium Lipari Overnight Bag (Tan)
  • Kangol Bermuda Spey (White)

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