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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr. Trickett alias... The Shy Spy

Reclusive and uncommunicative, this enigmatic character keeps himself to himself. He is reputed to be a spy but this is based entirely on rumour. Apparently someone saw him in a local greasy spoon… reading a newspaper with cut out eye holes… but nobody can be sure. Regardless of his occupation or his quiet demeanour, one thing can be agreed on by all the rumour-mongers in his locality… in the words of the chief gossip-spreader “He wears nice clothes thought doesn’t he?” And she’s right. He does.

  • Our Legacy Great Sweat (Purple)
  • Barbour Summer Bicycle Jacket (Stone)
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit BD Shirt (Chambray)
  • Fracap Monkey Boot (Beige)
  • Our Legacy Classic Chino (Blueberry)

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