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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr. Trickett as... The Monkey Motorcyclist

Czech this guy out! Hints and whiffs of a very serious post war Eastern Europe here. The Fracap monkey boots lay the foundations to an outfit that a WW2 motorcyclist might adopt if he were transported forward 60 or 70 years. Indeed, the boots themselves were first popularised by the Czechoslovakian army circa 39-45. Kids of the 60’s then aped (geddit) those soldiers by adopting the monkey boot as their own. Up top it’s a Barbour To-ki-To concealing battle scars and home made tattoos.

  • Our Legacy Great Sweat (Green)
  • Barbour Motorbike Shirt Jacket (Olive)
  • Dockers San Francisco Tapered Twill (British Khaki)
  • Fracap Monkey Boot (Dark Brown)

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