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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr Trickett as... The Lavender Loverman

Ok so we’ve mentioned the Paninaro thing before but this is a more faithful take on what was – for a time – the only way to dress while eating butties in Bologna, bocadillos in Barcelona and sandwiches in Stalybridge. The phrase ‘a hint of lavender’ is commonly used to denote someone being a bit ‘light on their feet’ but we’re not interested in such prejudices and are reclaiming the phrase to describe the Henri Lloyd Consort jacket that completes a very smart look. Nice cardy too, a bit like something a Radio One roadshow host from 1976 would have worn.

  • Dockers Extra Slim Chino (British Khaki)
  • Velour Ralph Plain Shirt (Green / Blue / Lilac)
  • Timberland Handsewn 3 Eye Authentic (Brown)
  • Henri Lloyd Consort RWR Jacket (Lavender)

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