Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Aug 10 2011

Mr. Brown as... AWOL Admiral

A timeless look which would be just as smart 60 years ago as it would today. Gloverall’s famous Reefer is fully lined and braced for the harshest of seas and Clarks Desert Boots fit perfectly with the classic theme. A pair of Lee Zed Riders tell a story of a few months at sea, where presumably the wearer picked up a piece of Americana in the shape of the Double RL Pilgrim shirt. From protesting students to world weary Grandads, this rig out is shipshape and puts us in mind of a high ranking naval officer who never returned to the ship after shore leave.

Note – the shirt is a Double RL Pilgrim Shirt. Only available in-store. Ring: +44 (0)161 831 7870