Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Aug 10 2011

Mr Brown as... Scally-o-type

A timeless grown up scally look, this. It’s adaptable enough to look great anywhere, but there’s no getting away from the distinct North West feel within it. Suede and Crepe is the Mancunian Mantra, with Weaver Moccs sticking the v’s up at the rain. A variation on denim comes from the Velour Aiden chinos, and the Engineered Garments Engineer jacket is a nice bonus layer. The whole thing is finished off effortlessly by Rocky Mountain Featherbed and obligatory facial fuzz rounding off a very Oi Polloi look.

Note – the shirt is Double RL Pilgrim shirt, only available in-store. Ring: +44 (0)161 831 7870