Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Aug 10 2011

Mr Brown does... Ofsted-Chic

Mr Brown is a man of many talents. He is multi-layered and multi-skilled. He’s Oi Polloi’s incarnation of Mr Benn. For this outfit we sent him into the fitting room and out he came with a plummy accent telling us our pupils simply weren’t “up to scratch”. Turns out he had morphed into a school inspector, here he is displaying ‘Ofsted-Chic’. His previous guise as a French teacher is evident in the APC cord jacket plus his Cote Et Ciel Laptop rucksack. The deep regret at not getting into Harvard manifests itself in his outfit via the prep-tastic Bass Weejun Larson shoes. Time to straighten your tie and spit out that chuddy…