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Deck~Out by Oi Polloi •

Mr. Brown as... Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

You’ve spent years living the rugged life, living off the land, rabbit knuckle butties, nettle soup. Suddenly the landowner whose shotgun you spent your days dodging dies… and he’s actually your long lost Dad. So – your moneyed, the first thing you do? Invest in the best workwear money can buy, while still retaining the air of a man who has no problem tickling a trout. Engineered Garments is the bulk of it – matched up perfectly with Red Wing Moc toe boots and a Belstaff bag. He need never spend the evening picking badger fur out of his teeth, only the best these days.

  • Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Boot (Tan)
  • Engineered Garments Engineer Vest (Overdyed Indigo)
  • Engineered Garments Pea Jacket (Olive 9.5 Oz Cotton Ripstop)
  • Engineered Garments Work Shirt (Blue Chambray)
  • Oliver Spencer Worker Trousers (Beige)
  • Belstaff Large Shoulder Bag (Colonial)

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