Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jun 03 2016

The Lighthouse Keeper (Again)

Writing these Deck~Out blurb things is always a tough one. It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, the weekend is tantalisingly close, and yet, whilst everyone else is in the beer garden or the carvery (do carveries still exist?), we’ve got to come up with a daft story vaguely relating to the items of clothing someone is wearing.

So what have we got here… a youngish man… maybe in his mid-20s… wearing blue and white clothes… something sort of nautical might work? A yachtsman? Nah, we’ve written about them loads. How about one of those people who lives in those big towers by the sea — a lighthouse keeper? Surely we’ve never done anything about them before. Best run a quick check just to be sure… oh, there you go… Deck~Out No.069 — The Lighthouse Keeper. Back to the drawing board. Maybe it could be a time travelling lighthouse keeper? Or a lighthouse keeper who’s allergic to lighthouses? Hmm, not great.

Now we know how the people who write The Simpsons feel.

The lighthouse keeper is 5'10" and wears...

  1. Norse Projects Pelle Melange Ripstop Jacket
    (Indigo Melange)
    Size Medium
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Denim Shirt
    (Dark Wash)
    Size Medium
  3. Levi’s Short Sleeve Sunrise Pocket Tee
    (Faded Indigo / White)
    Size Large
  4. Lee Luke Jeans
    (White Fix)
    Size 32/32
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Crew Socks
  6. Converse One Star
    Size UK 8