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Mr Vtech

Everyone’s heard of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, but little is known about the man who created those Vtech learning computers... until now. Like all the best computer geniuses, he’s a fan of washed denim and comfort shoes. And like all the best computer geniuses, he’s a laid back, Prius driving cyber-hippy hell bent on solving the world’s issues one avocado, bulgur wheat and pumice stone smoothie at a time. He’s now moved beyond the world of edutainment technology and polyphonic nursery rhymes, and is currently working on the world’s first computer for dogs. Initial tests indicate that dogs love Age of Empires.

Mr Vtech is 6'4" and wears...

  1. Beams Plus USN 80/3 Ripstop Jacket
    Size XL
  2. Battenwear Five-Pocket Island Shirt
    (White Cotton Oxford)
    Size L
  3. Beams Plus 4 Inch Border Stripe T-Shirt
    Size XL
  4. orSlow 107 Ivy Fit Jeans
    (Used Wash)
    Size 4
  5. Beams Plus Schoolboy Socks
    (Navy / White / Red)
  6. Jacoform Model 353
    (Navy Leather)
    Size UK8

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