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  1. Interview: Ruedi Karrer and his Jeans Museum

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    A few months ago a friend of the shop was walking around Zurich when he was stopped in the street by a man and complimented on his jeans. As the conversation developed it transpired that this man wasn’t just any part-time denim fan, he was the owner of the world’s only museum dedicated to denim — the Jeansmuseum of Heaviest Fadings.

    Upon hearing this heartwarming tale, we managed to track this devoted denim disciple down in deepest cyberspace. His name is Ruedi Karrer and here’s what he had to say…

  2. Eatery of the Month: The Tripe and Sandwich Shop

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    This month we’re looking to the east in search of mythical flavours and tantalising textures. So grab your fork and open wide, as we head to Stalybridge’s world famous Tripe and Sandwich Shop.

  3. Worth a Watch: Fishing with John

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    What do you get when you combine Twin Peaks with Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing? No, not a dwarf talking backwards in a geordie accent — you get Fishing With John. Originally broadcast back in 1992, Fishing With John is a slightly strange series in which jazz cat and actor John Lurie takes his mates on fishing expeditions. They don’t catch many fish, but the supernatural interludes and heartfelt narration more than make up for their pathetic bounty.

    The first episode can be watched above, click that handy link below for the rest.

  4. Interview: Phil Wolstenholme and the Exciting World of 3D Imagery

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Record sleeves don’t get much better than those that housed the early Warp compilations. Utilising the most advanced computer sorcery of the era, these 3D vistas were the perfect visual accompaniment to the music held within. The man behind these masterpieces of early 90s CGI is a chap named Phil Wolstenholme. He now takes pictures of caves and can often be found on the roof of a stately home.

    I sent him some questions and, thankfully for the sake of this interview, he answered back.

  5. Through the Magpie Eye: Andy Warhol’s Photographs

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Not only did Andy Warhol know his way around a tin of soup, he also knew how to take a good photograph. Whereas some photographers like to mull around debating shutter-speeds and darkroom wizardry, Big Andy just got straight to the heart of the matter, firing off thousands of black and white, flashed-out shots of his high-society mates having a laugh. Very nice indeed.

  6. A Night at the Speedway

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Speedway — not only is it a bloody good song by Big Moz, but it’s also a sport, a team sport where competitors race motorbikes with no brakes and only one gear. To be honest it’s completely mental, but aren’t all the best sports? Living only a fifteen minute bike ride from the home of the Belle Vue Aces, it was only natural that I was drawn towards Manchester’s premier speedway track one fateful Monday evening…

  7. Worth a Watch: The White Bus

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    The White Bus is a short (well, short when compared to Lord of the Rings) film directed by Lindsay Anderson. Based on a short story by Shelagh Delaney, it tells the slightly bizarre tale of a suicidal office worker who leaves London life for a bus ride around Manchester. It’s hardly the most invigorating 45 minutes by today’s standards, but if you’ve ever wondered what Hulme and Kersal looked like in the ‘60s (and who hasn’t?), then it’s definitely worth a watch.