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  1. The Oi Polloi Christmas Meal in Pictures

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    Ever wanted to look at photographs of people you don’t know eating a curry? Well, today’s your lucky day… here are some photographs from our annual Christmas meal. Fetch yourself a bottle of Cobra, spill some mango chutney on your shirt and it’ll almost be like you’re there yourself.

  2. Top Ten Things of 2014

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    The end is nigh — the 365 days known collectively as 2014 will soon be a distant memory as we strive forth into the unknown. But before the book closes on this eventful chapter, we thought we’d present you with a list of things that we thought were alright in 2014.

  3. Dispatches from Ardwick

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Ardwick isn’t just a word on the tongue of some green trainers, it’s a real place where real people live and work. Often overlooked in favour of snootier zones like Chorlton, Didsbury and the like, it’s nonetheless an integral cog in the Manchester machine. It was once the hub of the industrial revolution, it was the site of ‘the Manchester outrages’ and it’s the birthplace of Bill Tarmey AKA Jack Duckworth.

    I wandered around Ardwick for a while and here are the photos to prove it.

  4. Interview: Nigel Lawson and the story of the adidas Ardwick

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    By now you’ve probably heard that Oi Polloi has made some trainers with adidas. You might even know that they’re green, that they’re made out of suede and they have stripes down the side — but what else? What are they based on? How did they come about? And why are they named after an often-overlooked district of Manchester?

    I sat down with OP big cheese and Ardwick instigator Nigel Lawson in the stockroom to get the story from the horse’s mouth…

  5. Christmas Gift Guide No.3

    Posted: Sebastian Beesley /

    We’ve done our young guns gift guide, we’ve done our ladies and lasses gift guide, and now we’re proud to present our ‘dignified man about town’ gift guide. Whether you’re a dignified man about town yourself, or you’re looking for something decent for your dad, there should be something in here to get those cogs turning.

  6. Pica Sounds presents… Resident's Xmas Splurge

    Posted: Katy Bostock /

    The Soup Kitchen initiation ceremony went according to plan last month so we're back again with another super splurge.

    We thought we would take it back to basics this month and just have a right laugh with our regular Pica Sounds residents. However, as Christmas is a time for giving, we have invited Oi Polloi shop floor superhero, hip hop connoisseur, and always the best dancer in the room Joe Sharpe into the fold. This is a real treat, he's been sitting on a heavy record collection for a while now and doesn't often play out, so this is not one to miss…

    Soup Kitchen upstairs
    6pm - Late
    Free Entry

  7. Christmas Gift Guide No.2

    Posted: Sebastian Beesley /

    Oi Polloi may be an esteemed retailer of men’s clothing, but there’s no reason why a lot of the stuff we sell can’t cross the gender boundary and spice up the life of your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, aunty, niece or kindly neighbour on Christmas morn.

  8. Worth a Watch: Hunger by Peter Foldès

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Hunger (or La Faim if you're being snooty) is a curious short film made by a man called Peter Foldès in 1974 for the National Film Board of Canada. Chronicling one man’s descent into a food-based nightmare, it serves as a cautionary tale to anyone fond of scoffing their face and mistaking pots and pans for dancing girls.

    It’s no picnic, and could probably described as ‘harrowing’, but it’s still most definitely worth a watch. Fact fans might also be interested to hear that it was one of the first films to use computer animation. That laid-back and sleazed-out elevator music is pretty catchy too...

  9. Christmas Gift Guide No.1

    Posted: Sebastian Beesley /

    Still writing out that Christmas list? Well, put down that Parker Pen and hold your proverbial horses — here’s a handy selection of stuff that you might want to add to that list. And for those who think about people other than themselves, this array might also give you some ideas of what to get your son, brother or significant other.