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  1. Better Late Than Never: 10th Birthday Party Pics

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    Want to know what the staff, friends and family of Oi Polloi looked like back in the year 2012? Well, today’s your lucky day — here are some photos from our 10th birthday party. These pictures were meant to be posted up many moons ago, but for some reason known to no one, they never were.

  2. Worth a Watch: Potentially Lifesaving Public Information Films

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Life is full of tough questions. Should I hide in that old fridge I found in the rubbish heap? Will that rotten old tree branch hold my weight? Can I pitch my tent under these overhead powerlines? Luckily for those who lack common sense, Public Information films provide all the right answers. Ranging from the ridiculously dull to downright terrifying, these films are a startling reminder that you’re never one daft mistake from a grisly death.

    Here’s a few classics that could save your life.

  3. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    As the eagle-eyed amongst you may have already noticed, we've gone and got one of those Tumblr things. Click here for photos of battleships and old trainers.

  4. Interview: Ruedi Karrer and his Jeans Museum

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    A few months ago a friend of the shop was walking around Zurich when he was stopped in the street by a man and complimented on his jeans. As the conversation developed it transpired that this man wasn’t just any part-time denim fan, he was the owner of the world’s only museum dedicated to denim — the Jeansmuseum of Heaviest Fadings.

    Upon hearing this heartwarming tale, we managed to track this devoted denim disciple down in deepest cyberspace. His name is Ruedi Karrer and here’s what he had to say…

  5. Eatery of the Month: The Tripe and Sandwich Shop

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    This month we’re looking to the east in search of mythical flavours and tantalising textures. So grab your fork and open wide, as we head to Stalybridge’s world famous Tripe and Sandwich Shop.

  6. Worth a Watch: Fishing with John

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    What do you get when you combine Twin Peaks with Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing? No, not a dwarf talking backwards in a geordie accent — you get Fishing With John. Originally broadcast back in 1992, Fishing With John is a slightly strange series in which jazz cat and actor John Lurie takes his mates on fishing expeditions. They don’t catch many fish, but the supernatural interludes and heartfelt narration more than make up for their pathetic bounty.

    The first episode can be watched above, click that handy link below for the rest.

  7. Interview: Phil Wolstenholme and the Exciting World of 3D Imagery

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Record sleeves don’t get much better than those that housed the early Warp compilations. Utilising the most advanced computer sorcery of the era, these 3D vistas were the perfect visual accompaniment to the music held within. The man behind these masterpieces of early 90s CGI is a chap named Phil Wolstenholme. He now takes pictures of caves and can often be found on the roof of a stately home.

    I sent him some questions and, thankfully for the sake of this interview, he answered back.