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  1. A Night at the Speedway

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Speedway — not only is it a bloody good song by Big Moz, but it’s also a sport, a team sport where competitors race motorbikes with no brakes and only one gear. To be honest it’s completely mental, but aren’t all the best sports? Living only a fifteen minute bike ride from the home of the Belle Vue Aces, it was only natural that I was drawn towards Manchester’s premier speedway track one fateful Monday evening…

  2. Worth a Watch: The White Bus

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    The White Bus is a short (well, short when compared to Lord of the Rings) film directed by Lindsay Anderson. Based on a short story by Shelagh Delaney, it tells the slightly bizarre tale of a suicidal office worker who leaves London life for a bus ride around Manchester. It’s hardly the most invigorating 45 minutes by today’s standards, but if you’ve ever wondered what Hulme and Kersal looked like in the ‘60s (and who hasn’t?), then it’s definitely worth a watch.

  3. Interview: Tony Pikes and his Ibizan Utopia

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    You may know Tony Pikes as the moustachioed bartender in the video for Wham’s 1983 smash hit, Club Tropicana. But not only is he a great dancer with a penchant for neckerchiefs, he’s also the founder of Ibiza’s real life Club Tropicana, Pike’s Hotel. Famously the location for Freddy Mercury’s 41st birthday blow-out, this place has long been associated with decadence, hedonism and downright sleazy behaviour. By some bizarre turn of events I found myself sat with Tony. It would have been rude not to ask him a few questions.

  4. Through the Magpie Eye: Old Converse Adverts

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Here we’ve got a few old Converse adverts from the archives. Not only is there some tasteful illustrations of basketball players, but there’s also some powerful male legs and some particularly ornate car tyres.

  5. Staff Sale Picks

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    There’s still a few gems hiding in our sale. But instead of simply saying, “there’s still a few gems hiding in our sale,” we thought we’d demonstrate that fact by allowing our faithful droogs to browse the sale rail and take their pick.

  6. Dispatches from India

    Posted: Joe Sharpe /

    On a recent trip to India, in search of spiritual enlightenment and a top curry house or two, I found myself shitting fluids and battling monkeys. In between crashing scooters in cow lined streets, contracting laryngitis and washing infected wounds in the Ganges, I also managed to find time to take some pictures.

  7. Autumn/Winter Sneak 'n' Peak

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    The crazy carousel known as menswear just keeps on spinning. Whilst you're whinging about hay-fever and squinting in anger towards that infernal sun, we’re gearing up for loads of jackets and jumpers to arrive. To help you acclimatise, here’s a few bits that should be heading our way in the not-too-distant future…

  8. Pica~Picks: White Pumps

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    White pumps were first invented in 1926 when a clumsy young tennis player stepped in a bucket of emulsion, and they’ve been dazzling retinas ever since. You may think that ‘white pumps’ is a fairly niche genre of shoe, but there’s actually more variations then you might think.

    With that in mind we’ve cobbled together this handy guide to help you avoid the pitfalls and find the best white pumps/plimsolls/trainers/foot-holsters for you…

  9. Oi Polloi is Hiring: We’re Looking for a Buying Assistant

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    We are looking for a buying assistant to make sure that all of the little details of the buying process are taken care of. This is a relatively junior role with an emphasis on the administrative and organisational side of buying. The business end of it. We’re far more concerned about your confidence with numbers and spreadsheets and you’ll know that the real work of buying starts once you’re back in the office.

  10. Oi Polloi is Hiring: We’re Looking for a New Merchandiser

    Posted: Oi Polloi /

    We are looking for a merchandiser who will make sure we have the right stock in the right place at the right time. This is a key role working right at the heart of what we do. We need someone who knows their WSSI from their OTB, even if they don’t use the acronyms. Someone who can come into Oi Polloi and make sure that all of the merchandising stuff is covered.