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  1. Interview - Louis Loizou and How Can I Be Down?

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    How Can I be Down is a documentary that tells the story of Don Busweiler. After starting up the infamous streetwear brand Pervert in the early nineties, Don decided to ditch the world of printed t-shirts in favour of beards and the bible by joining a Christian cult known as the Brethren. The film has been in production for a while now, but thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign, it might be nearly finished. I shot the breeze with film-maker and all-round fountain of knowledge Louis Loizou to find out more.

  2. Interview — A.X.S Folk Technology

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    AXS Folk Technology is a new name to the hallowed rails of Oi Polloi. What is it? Who’s behind it? And what do the people behind it like to eat? All these questions and at least five more are answered in this informative interview with main-man Kyle Ng.

  3. The Rig Out in Hawaii

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Giving even Craig Doyle a run for his money in the holiday department, The Rig Out lads have been gallivanting around once again. So where was it this time? Butlins? Blackpool? Barrow-in-Furness? Nope, they only went to Hawaii for a high-class Our Legacy photoshoot.

  4. 'Zine of the Times

    Posted: Mark Smith /

    When I was growing up there was no internet or mobile phones. How old does that make me sound?

    We had Ceefax and Teletext and when I got to about 15 I managed to blag a telephone landline in my actual bedroom. I felt like I'd arrived, sat there on my Amiga, watching the Italian football on Channel Four, like the geek I was.

  5. Universal Works now make jeans

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Are Your Jeans Handmade? from Universal Works on Vimeo.

    Universal Works have only gone and made some jeans. They’re made in the UK, they’re made from denim and they’re blue. They’ve also made that film above to show you just what goes in to a pair of jeans. It’s hardly Videodrome, but as far as denim-based promotional videos go, it’s not too shabby.

    And if you're wondering, these should be available in the next few days.

  6. Worth a Watch: Les Escargots

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Les Escargots is a cracking short film that made by a pair of French mad-heads called Roland Topor and René Laloux in the sixties. Without ruining the story too much, it tells the tale of a farmer who uses his tears to help his plants grow, accidentally enticing a group of massive snails to come along and wreck everything. There’s probably some sort of moral here, but I’m yet to work out what it might be. Definitely worth watching though.

  7. The Antiques Clothes Show: Tom's Jacket

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    For this month’s Antiques Clothes Show, Oi Polloi marketing mogul and Clark Kent look-alike Tom Scott explains why he'd rather not get rid of his Rather Not Say jacket...

  8. Worth a Watch

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Not much needs to be said here. Good music, speedboats and loads of money. And Roger Moore. Sophisticated stuff.

  9. Interview — Neil Summers and the Bredbury Green Scene

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    Ever wanted to know what Bredbury (on the outskirts of Stockport) looked like back in 1989? Well, wonder no more — it turns out Neil Summers (of Proper Magazine fame), lived in Bredbury, in 1989, and he took some pictures to prove it. Hot on the heels of exhibiting these fine photos in a Berlin techno dungeon, I fired some questions over to him. And like the up-standing member of the community that he is, he answered back.

  10. Eatery of the Month: Club Sandwich

    Posted: Sam Waller /

    For this radical new series, we’re going to take a hearty bite out of the fine establishments that feeds Manchester’s collective stomach. First up, let’s take a wander up Oldham Road to a little place known as Club Sandwich.