Velour is yet another label out of Scandinavia to get it right. Based in Gothenburg, founder Per Andersson chooses to keep things simple (like all the best designers), focusing on the right fabrics & details, to create timeless clothing.

Originally launched as the in-house label of Andersson's dead-stock shop Nostalgi, Velour launched in 2001 as an extension of the store's rising cult status among the southern city's creative inhabitants. Sharing an inner courtyard with a local music studio, Nostalgi attracted the city's local musicians, models, photographers, and others who fell for Andersson's uncommon selection of never-worn vintage initially taken from his grandparents' tailor shop in Mariestad.

Velour is producing some of the finest contemporary, preppy menswear around today, sitting nicely alongside brands like APC, Our Legacy, Acne & Margaret Howell...

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