Back in 1952, Nathan Swartz, a shoe-maker bought half an interest in The Abington Shoe Company in Boston, mainly doing contract work for other manufacturers. After buying the remaining interest, the Swartz family introduced the then innovative injection-molding technology into the footwear industry. This enabled the production of virtually waterproof boots by connecting the soles to the leather uppers without stitching. However it was not until 1973 that Abington became Timberland. The company was officially changed to The Timberland Company after Swartz introduced the waterproof leather boots with the brand name which proved to be very popular.

Over the years to follow Timberland added casual and boat shoes to its boots product line. In the 1980s, the company expanded internationally - first into the Italian market and, later, to many other countries.

Remaining a family company to the present day, Timberland continue to produce outstanding footwear. In their own words, 'We make boots that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year.' We couldn't agree more...

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