Pre-dating many of their competitors, Thorogood have been around since 1892. They are a genuine American work boot company, preoccupied with getting the job done safely with the minimum fuss and pioneered many of the innovations favoured by some of the perhaps more famed workboot manufacturers. With the reliable Christy sole from Vibram being a favourite in many of their models, Thorogood continue to carefully construct their boots in their Winsconsin factory, which means each pair are put together by people who know them inside out.

In American industry, the name of Thorogood footwear is a trusted brand, so first and foremost they're designed to do the job they're made for. You know when you see phrases like Fibreglass Shank, Blown Rubber Wedge and Dual Density associated with Thorogood you're dealing with some serious footwear. The fact they also look brilliant is a nice coincidence, the point of difference being a less brash silhouette and a shoe that offers protection without becoming less comfortable.

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