Quoddy make genuine handmade moccasins- they've been doing so since the early 1900s (starting out as handswewers for L.L Bean). A century later, in Downeast Maine near the shore of the Passamaquoddy Bay, they continue to produced the very finest, traditional moccasins available. Using time-honoured techniques and only the finest quality materials, each process is carried out by hand- cutting, skiving, stitching and handsewing. All styles have a one-piece vamp, which wraps around the entire foot, this is handsewn to the "tip" with locked stitches to ensure comfort and durability (the two most important benefits of moccasin construction). All styles have full leather sock liners and heel padding for added comfort and cushioning. These moccasins are something else! We challenge you to show us a better looking boat shoe...

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      Organic Waterproofer (-)


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