Orlebar Brown

Launched in readiness for summer 2007, Orlebar Brown created a more grown up, tailored pair of shorts. Using French fabrics, Italian zips and made in either the UK or Portugal, Orlebar Brown describe their shorts as a 'bridge item' in that they can be worn on and off the beach and still look good. Made from polyamide, their shorts are quick-drying and therefore versatile. Orlebar Brown shorts are not strictly a swimming short, more a short you can swim in - an important distinction.

They're not cheap but good stuff rarely is. What's more important here is value for money, and while Orlebar Brown shorts aren't something you'll buy impulsively, that's probably a good thing. You really do get what you pay for. These remind us of Sean Connery in Dr No. They have a neat, slim silhouette and come with an ace bag too. 

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