Nike x Undercover GYAKUSOU

GYAKUSOU is the ultra high-tech running range from Nike, designed by the Japanese designer Jun Takahashi of ‘Undercover’ fame. For the non-Japanese speaking in the audience, the name means ‘running in reverse’ — presumably ‘cause it looks so good you could even wear it back-to-front and still not look like a muppet.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. As well as looking amazing, it turns out this stuff is actually great for running in too. With high-tech fabrics galore, subtle reflective branding and ergonomic details aplenty, it’s the ideal clobber for the aesthete athlete. Representing the perfect blend of Nike technology with Japanese attention to detail, GYAKUSOU make the running clothes for the runners who don’t like running clothes. In fact, it’s even inspired our mate Glenn ‘I wore it first’ Kitson to take up running…
This stuff is super-limited, so if you're after something, don't hang about.

This brand has no products at the moment.