Native Craftworks

Marrying the coolest footwear from North America with a European attention to details and aesthetics, Native Craftworks have come up with amazing take on the traditional moccasin. Each pair of Native Craftworks Moccasins takes four faithful hours of hard work and keen craft to construct, right down to the rawhide, handcut laces and waxed nylon thread which is used to carefully stitch the soles to the premium suede or leather upper. We're pleased to be the first stockist of Native Craftworks Moccasins as they float our boat (or should that be canoe?) big style and we reckon they'll float yours too.

Based in England, they set about bringing together the best components from around the world and the end result is mightily impressive. Native Craftworks shoes are laboriously made in the right way, not the cheapest or the quickest. It's music to the ears of shoe obsessives the world over.

Native Craftworks extensive search for the ideal crepe took them to a plantation in Sri Lanka, where they discovered the strongest and comfiest combination to make up the sole. This provides ample support and is the ideal base for their custom made leathers and suedes.

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