In the early 1890's, Robert Jamieson started up a small business in Sandness on the far west coast of the Shetland Isles, knitwear from the local crofters. These hand-spun, handknitted garments were made from the wool of their own native sheep, every piece unique; hats, gloves, mitts, and sweaters. Now today, we think Jamieson's Fair Isle knitwear is about as good as it gets. The colours and patterns are amazing. Take a look... if you're after a great piece of winter knitwear, you need look no further.

When Robert retired, his son Andrew carried on the business and became one of the island's first wool brokers, buying the raw woolclip from the crofters and shipping it to the Scottish mainland for processing. At the time, Shetland wool was believed too soft to be spun on industrial machinery, the very best blend of 'Shetland' yarn mainland spinning mills could produce was only about 60% pure. Despite these developments, the desire to be able to offer customers the genuine article, lived on. This dream was finally realised in 1980, after Bertie's son, Peter, joined the business. Together they set up a small, experimental spinning mill in Sandness and soon began to produce the yarn that they truly wished to offer. A pure wool taken from only the two finest grades of the native sheep, grown within the isles.

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