The Swedish name for the arctic fox, Fjällräven started life in the early 60s when founder Åke Nordin had been contemplating manufacturing a climbing jacket, but didn’t have the right fabric. With a mountain hike impending, Åke took a tent fabric sample and turned it into the very first Fjällräven jacket. The tent fabric that was once the starting point for all Fjällräven clothes was gradually refined and ultimately became known as G-1000. A hard-wearing mixture of polyester and cotton, it is almost completely waterproof and highly dirt-repellent thanks to their environmentally friendly beeswax and paraffin impregnation process.

Perhaps most famous for their Greenland Jackets and Kånken Backpacks, Fjällräven stands out as a back to basics, old school functional outdoor brand with an “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” approach. We’re proud to have helped bring this brand to prominence in the UK and continue to enjoy what they do.

Fjällräven have also just launched their premium, no-holds-barred range called Fjallraven Numbers

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      Greenland Wax Travel Pack (-)


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