There's no point buying a fine pair of shoes and not having a fine pair of socks to go with them! Falke are a noted German sock manufacturer who make some of our favourite socks.

Falke also produce some of the finest knitwear available, ranging from high end luxurious cashmeres to the mind bogglingly, indestructable 'Composite Number One' collection.

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    1. Primary photograph of product 'Homepads Sock (Teal)' Secondary photograph of product 'Homepads Sock (Teal)'


      • 39-42
      • 43-46

      Homepads Sock (Teal)

      £14.00 £11.00

      Outside the EU £9.17

    2. Primary photograph of product 'Run Ergo Sock (Light Grey)' Secondary photograph of product 'Run Ergo Sock (Light Grey)'


      • 39-41
      • 42-43
      • 44-45

      Run Ergo Sock (Light Grey)

      £12.00 £9.00

      Outside the EU £7.50