Yes that Braun - the German appliance company that in 1961, under the guidance of their design chief Dieter Rams, set about deciding exactly what everyday life in a 20th century house would look like. A guiding principle of "Weniger, aber besser" (that’s, "Less, but better," according to our resident GCSE-holder), combined with some clichéd solid German engineering, resulted in iconic pieces of industrial design that look just as at home in your gran's kitchen as they do in your local design museum.

No, we're not about to take on the might of Dixons, but amongst the hairdryers, razors, blenders and electric toothbrushes Braun produced a range of clocks and watches. Dietrich Lubs was the man in charge of designing the majority of Braun's time-pieces so it's him we have to thank for yellow second hands and everything being black, white and silver. They're understated, stylish and functional — "proper design" as we like to call it.

What we have here aren't straight re-issues from the archives. Instead a new team have taken cues from across the whole history of original Braun watches and put together an entirely new range which, as well as looking great, should put an end to those manic dashes for the train.

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