Big E

Big E Jeans is a small British selvedge jean brand that re-creates traditional denim, with the emphasis on quality of construction. Still producing their denim on original shuttle looms, all threads are sourced from an original US cotton thread supplier dating back to the 1900's. Big E Jeans have branded solid copper rivets throughout, just as they did back when gold digging wasn't just something rappers banged on about.

Every product is produced in the company's own factory, with meticulous attention to detail. Big E jeans are only produced on Union Special and vintage Japanese sewing machines. The whole production process is done individually by hand, which means there's human level quality control and individual character in each pair.

All Big E Jeans are based on original collectible pieces which were studied, dissected and re-created stitch for stitch. Each style name was selected from the list of names of the hard-working men who would have worn 'workers overalls' when building the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. As a nod to their hard work, the arcuate stitch on every back jean pocket was designed in the shape of the Golden Gate bridge.

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