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Pica~Post #1 - Tales, Facts, Clobber and Chatter

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Pica-Post is a new, twice-yearly publication showcasing the seasons best clothing and footwear from OiPolloi's perspective. OiPolloi staples Woolrich Woolen Mills, Nigel Cabourn and Yuketen all feature in issue #1, alongside relative new additions like Double RL and Burkman Bros. All illustrated in fine style.

 Pica-Post seeks to answer the age-old mysteries such as:


- What happened to the Ivy Leaguer who got caught smoking 'draw' in the girls bathroom?

- What exactly is a Desert Deserter, and does he drink in Australian themed fun pubs?

- Will the Colourblind Sniper ever see any action?

- And... were the Singing Surfer's emails ever answered?

If you require answers to these questions then Pica-Post is the publication for you.

In addition to the illustrated Deck-Out features, there's insight which meanders from Swastika Surfboards to the Salford Sioux. There is also final confirmation that God does indeed wear khaki's.

Our first Pica-Post print-run is strictly limited to 1000 copies - click here to read it online and download a PDF

Hope you enjoy it,



timothy leary

when will you be gettting that trip-tastic bag in ?


Nice read this,well done!
Hope #2 will out shortly


Would also like to know when the Gregory bag will be landing. And where can i get a physical copy of the Pica-Post? Will sit nicely on the coffee table with the issues of the Rig Out.


Not entirely sure when the rave sack will arrive - will get hold of Gregory Monday and let youse know. It's a great bit of baggage.

If you pop in the shop and speak nicely to Mr. Studley he'll sort you a copy of Pica~Post… failing that place an order online and stick us a note in with it.

grant gauld

hi,can you ask mr brown,how i can enter the best dressed man in esquire magazine,i noticed last year he was in it.
many thanks


Will this be available to buy online?


@Timothy @James - should be getting Gregory anytime now…

@Grant - Mr. Brown was scouted by Esquire whilst cycling no-hands down Thomas St, slurping a NorthTeaPower with one hand, re-waxing a Barbour with the other. He might also have been fixing his right turn-up with his left foot. Whilst, of course, making the local females swoon.

Other than that I think you can just apply direct when the time comes. Might be easier to be honest mate.

grant gauld

good answer,ok cool,thanks anyway


A couple of you cats were spotted round Shore Ditch on Wednesday. Any chancy your thinking of opening a shop in the smoke?

Don Innis

Love it!!! Fantastic magazine. Fantastic idea. Fantastically unique. Keep up the good work. (o:


Cheers Don, seems to have gone down well with most. Just starting to think about issue #2…

Jimmy - never say never.


Keep us posted fellas, oi polloi London is much needed.

Justin Sainsbury

Great read and I second an Oi Polloi London!

emery roth

Atlast! Have I chanced upon a fine website which may offer a solution to the age old conundurum of how to dress midway betweenst farmer and lighthouse keeper? Keep it up chappies.I await your terry thomas inspired beachwear with great excitemont x
Regards Emery.

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