Deck-Out / No.069

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Mr Lewis as... The Lighthouse Keeper

  1. Albam Bound Knit And Drill Tank (Navy)
  2. Armor-Lux Théviec (Navy / Ecru)
  3. Universal Works Twill Shorts (Khaki Cotton Twill)
  4. Sperry Top-Sider 75th Anniversary CVO (Birch)
  5. Filson Italia Historic Shirt (Chambray)

Seeking solitude after becoming fed up with modern life, the Light House keeper spends his days (and nights) flashing at passing ships. No, not like that - he's making sure they don't crash. He lives in what is essentially a big torch, you see. We could make some kind of 'Lifted' joke here and mention the Lighthouse Family but we reckon you'd rather we didn't. He might have ditched modern life, but one link remains... nice clothes. He could have just gone back to basics - but you've got to allow a man some privileges.

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