Cookie Information

A brief history of cookies

In the olden days websites couldn't remember anything from one page to the next. Then some bright spark invented cookies, small files stored by your browser as a way for websites to remember, and thus the world of online shopping and social networks was made possible.

Without cookies you wouldn't be able to log in to our website never mind add a tasty piece of clobber to a shopping basket and buy it. Needless to say then that cookies are pretty important and this website wouldn't work properly without them.

Our cookies

By using the Oi Polloi website you are consenting to us storing the following set of cookies on your computer:

Cookie NameUsed byDescription
__utmaGoogle AnalyticsVarious default cookies set by Google Analytics which we use to anonymously track how you move around our website.
PHPSESSIDSessionThis identifies you throughout your "session" - a session is a visit to our website in an individual browser. We use this cookie to track whether-or-not you are logged in; what your checkout selections are; to increase your security by helping to prevent XSS attacks; to store feedback between pages and so on. This cookie refreshes after 24 minutes of inactivity on our website.
user"Remember Me"If you select "remember me" when you log in, this cookie stores a secure identifier which is used to automatically log you in to the website on your return. No password data is stored in this cookie, or any others.
Persistent_BasketShopping BasketThis cookie identifies your basket in our database, so if you quit your browser (and abandon your session) we use this to retrieve your basket from our database on your return.

Changing your cookie settings

You have control over how, and if, your web browser stores cookies. How you go about changing these cookie settings depends on which browser you are using to access our website. If you need any help then the super-nerds at the website can provide you with all of the information and instruction you'll need.

As we've explained, without cookies our website wouldn't work properly so if you do adjust your cookie settings there is a chance that you won't be able to use our website any more - don't say we didn't warn you.