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What is Oi Polloi? Well, to be honest, we’re not quite sure ourselves. We know it’s a shop in Manchester that sells men’s clothing around the world, but beyond that, things get a bit murky. The seeds were planted one evening back in 2002, after two young and starry-eyed go-getters melded minds over the idea of selling tie-dyed Lacoste polo shirts. The polo shirts never materialised, but a clothes shop did. Over a decade later and although the world of menswear might have changed a bit, we’d like to think our hearts are in the same place.

What do we sell? We sell the stuff we like. Sometimes it’s wool, sometimes it’s Gore-Tex. Sometimes it’s made in England, sometimes it’s made in remote Mexican villages that can only be reached by mule. But whatever it is, we’ll make sure of one thing — its good quality, good looking gear that’s fit for purpose.

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